These informations are for general Balian beach. We get asked many times and we thought we need to dedicate a page and tell you the truth to prepare your holiday better. Nature is beautiful, come and embrace them.

Even though Balian beach offers different wildlife than what you have at home, the area is very safe for everyone to enjoy. We are safe to tell, this is Indonesia in general and not just Bali or Balian beach.

Black sand

West Bali is famous for its black sand beach. It’s soft and pretty. When the sun hits the sand, they will glitter like twilight.

Surfable waves

Balian beach is a surfing destination. When there are no waves elsewhere, head to Balian we got you covered.

Cliffs and huge rocks

Bring your phone because these magnificent structures will decorate your social media like you have never seen before.


The Balian river is connected to the mountain and safe to swim. Please note, do not swim there when its high tide or when the water is brown. The locals jump into the river most afternoon to swim and enjoy the freshness

Animals, Bugs and Critters:

  • Dogs – Bali dogs is a part of Bali. Most of them are already shot by the govt for rabies. They are playful but please dont get too friendly because they are still animals, animals act by instinct. Do not feed the dogs, they have their own food.
  • Small gecko – they are our friends, they are harmless and tends to run away when they see us. They eat mosquitos, you want them as your friends.
  • Spiders – no venomous spider in Indonesia. On the other hand, regular spiders are very common, harmless and no bigger than the size of your nails. They are the one who is responsible to get rid of the insects that we dont want.
  • Cats – when there is dogs, there is also cat. You know the drill
  • Big gecko – a sign of super good luck, they tend to stay in one place and make the “gekkooo gekkkoooo gekkoooo” sound (at night). They are harmless and wont bother you. Yes, they also eat insects.
  • Mice – we dont get rats in our area but we do get mice. We are surrounded by bush and rice fields; they tend to wonder and usually get really active in the wet season. When the water level rise, they will start to move.
  • Lizards – expect these shy creatures walking around in the garden. If you see them, thats a plus one good luck for you through out your year.
  • Fly & mosquito – welcome to the tropics, mosquito is never a problem in our area but when there are some around usually its seasonal and we have already provide complimentary repelants in each rooms for guests to use.
  • Snakes – same with mice, we dont usually get them but west Bali is still very green. They tend to get very active when the earth water rise.if you see one, contact the staff. Dont over react, its just nature.
  • Sharks – its the ocean, you expect us to say none? Sharks only comes out when the water is brown. No, we also dont serve shark fin soup in our restaurant.
  • Other insects and critters – we have zero scorpions, zero black widow, zero rats.