1. How much hiking do we do? Expect to cover approximately total of 1 km.
  2. Is there elevation gain? Expect to do minimal climbing.
  3. What is the water temperature in the pool we swim in? Water temperature varies by season and the amount of rainfall. Temperatures range between 12’c to 19’c.
  4. How many people can come on this trip? 4 people max.
  5. Do I need to fill out a waiver form? Yes.
  6. Does the price includes rooms? No, the price is excluding room.
  7. Does the price includes transports? Yes, only from Balian – Pupuan and back.


IDR 350.000/ person (min 2 pax and max 5)


  • Return trips Balian – Pupuan – Balian with Pondok Pitaya Transport.

Some of Bali Island’s most breathtaking and accessible waterfalls can be discovered along the western coast of the island. This is the greenest and most fertile part on the west side of the island, blessed with amazing tropical green lushes and never ending coffee & chocolate plantation.


  1. Begin your journey up north to a small town named Pupuan. Pupuan is famous for its colder climate, coffee and chocolate plantation. The journey of Pondok Pitaya Waterfall will take around 50 minutes from Balian.
  2. Once you reach the waterfall entrance, get your slippers or hiking gear ready.
  3. You will hike 30 minutes into the coffee plantation, if you are lucky you can see many other tropical fruits. If the fruit is ripe and possible to take, the local guide will be gladly to take you some and let you try.
  4. You will reach the waterfall in no time, have fun go mad!! Go dip!!… the water is cold, fresh and time to time you can see crayfish that lives there. Enjoy and safety first!!
  5. On the way back to the car, you will make a trip around a small dam. it’s a fun walk..enjoy the birds sing, the landscape and the fresh air.