What is Permaculture?

This philosophy is “consciously designed landscapes which mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature, while at the same time yielding an abundance of food and energy as a supply for the environment around it.”

In our course we will build, farm and live based on Permaculture ethics and principles. These are taken from the most efficient and sustainable ancient practices around the world but applied with modern technologies. These principles will ensure we use the least minimal amount of effort and drive to get the most amount of result in the most sustainable way to achieve a greener and rewarding earth. We will use these principles in designing the course so that we can transition to a sustainable future; to do this we will need to consider concepts and values outside the current daily norm.

We can create and nurture beneficial relationships many places in our lives; in our gardens, our home design, our community, our businesses, on our yoga mats, etc. Permaculture can be applied to all aspects of our lives and society. It teaches us to observe patterns so we can design our lives with a holistic mind set and return back to the basics and live simply.

Who are the team?

Join Mark Garrett for a 13 days stay with 10 days course 72 hours certified Permaculture Life Experience based on “Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual” by Bill Mollison, co founder of permaculture and my teacher. Mark Garret has been applying all permaculture philosophy in his daily routine and has an outstanding experience of 25 years within the field.

The course will be also offer you daily yoga practice by the beach with Oliver Reinsch. Oliver has studied, practiced and taught many style of yoga for 25 years from vigorous and energizing to therapeutic and restorative.

When and why take this course?

The next Permaculture Course will be held: 25 Feb 2020 – 8 March 2020. Soak up the sun and enjoy the 13 days of fun in Balian Beach.

As well as being a practice of sustainability, it is also a method of developing relationships between communities, the path of yoga and the land we live on, as well as feeding the healthy relationships between each of the elements living side by side in this part of the world.

Please send us email at course@pondokpitaya.com for more details.