Best Surfing Spot in Tabanan – Balian Beach

Best Surfing Spot in Tabanan – Balian Beach

Those who love surfing and taming the waves must be familiar with Balian Beach. This beach is located in Tabanan, where most people go for witnessing the great Tanah Lot. In this article, we will show you the great spot for surfing in Tabanan Regency.

Why you should visit Balian Beach?

Bali is surely on everybody’s bucket list. This island has plenty of stunning beaches and gorgeous natural attractions.

However, not many people are familiar with some beaches in Tabanan, especially Balian Beach. It gets overshadowed by other more popular destinations in Tabanan.

It can be unfortunate, but you will be happy because you will have the beach all for yourself. Besides, the location is smaller and quiet. You won’t find any shopping center, a diving mecca, or even beach clubs.

Yet, this beach is tranquil. You would be thrilled because you don’t need to deal with traffic and crowds.

How to get there

We can say that Balian Beach is a hidden gem in Tabanan. It is located about 60 km to the west of Ubud and Kuta.

It takes a 1.5-hour ride, or it can be 2.5 hours if the traffic is horrible. Even though using a taxi is possible, we highly recommend you to rent a motorcycle if you are used to riding one. However, the main road is quite busy and you may find lots of trucks back and forth.

Things you would love from Balian Beach

Besides its tranquility, there are plenty of things you can do while you are at the beach. You have to put the beach on your list!

  1. Surfing
    As mentioned earlier, Balian Beach is well-known for its exciting surfing spot. The waves are excellent for every level of surfers on the island. If this is your first time surfing, you can get a lesson in the location. Some people also rent the boards for surfers. The waves are extremely hard to resist, after all.
  2. Call your inner zen
    Bali and Yoga seem like two inseparable things. Thus, be sure to join a yoga class while you are at Balian. Some professional yoga instructors open their classes daily, which you can sign up on the spot. Joining a Yoga class right by the beach is quite amazing, right?
  3. Witnessing stunning sunset
    The beaches of Bali are incomparable. Other than the ocean, some places also feature stunning sunrise and sunset. This beach comes with a stunning sunset. It is also safe to say that this place is one of the best spots to watch how the sun goes down on the horizon. Thus, you better stay here until noon to enjoy the sunset and then get some refreshments from local stalls nearby.

Bottom line

Besides being one of the best surfing spots in Bali, Balian Beach is tranquil and mesmerizing. Whether you will go for taming the wave, joining a yoga class, or enjoying the beach vibe, this place is a must-visit. Also, some stalls near the beach are happy to take care of your appetite!