The Surf House is the perfect set up for a group of surfers travelling together. The surf house A is room completed with 1 bathroom with 1 toilet on the 1st floor. 4 single beds also completed with 1 toilet on the 2nd floor. And the 3rd floor is a ground floor lounge & loft upstairs with daybed to check the waves.
Maximum guests - 4 adults.


  • 4 single beds completed with mosquito net.
  • safety box
  • pedestal fan
  • bathroom completed with hot and cold shower
  • bath towel
  • fridge
  • electric kettle


Simple and nice room. The Surf House B is part of a surf house A, is located on the first floor that has been separated by the wall / bulkhead. The rooms are very comfortable for a sinlge person or a couple.

You can sit and relax in front of the room while enjoying the fresh air.
maximum guest : 2 adults.


  • 1 double bed completed with mosquito net.
  • safety box
  • fan
  • electric kettle
  • Bathroom, completed with toilet,hot and cold shower
  • Bath towel.

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